" More than a description from point A to point B .


While travel writing may be about destinations, a good travel writer brings in more to a description of a journey. What makes a travelogue take the reader on a journey and what makes the very same reader flip the page? It is being able to describe an experience with a perspective that is uniquely your own. To be able to recognize that at the end of every journey is a new horizon, and hence a new narrative. It is this element that makes some travel writers highly sought after while the rest remain glorified hacks.

Admission to Season 5 of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Course & Mentorship Program is now CLOSED. Season 5 is from July 1 – September 16, 2017. You can apply here for the upcoming Season.
The Travelogue Writing Course & Mentorship Program

  • The program will be open to only 12 writers at a time and will be conducted at Bagalur Main Road, Bengaluru
  • It would be structured over twelve days spread over twelve weeks
  • Twelve sessions of 5 hours each every Saturday will be spread over twelve weeks



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