Anita’s Attic in the Bangalore Mirror


Jayanthi Madhukar at the Bangalore Mirror did a splendid coverage of Anita’s Attic, Anita Nair’s comprehensive writing and mentorship program for aspiring authors which is also curated & conducted by her.

From the article

Going through the unfamiliar route and gaining success has made Nair empathetic to others. Since she has become a published writer, she admits to getting at least five emails every day from writers requesting her to read and critique their manuscripts. “Where is the time for such feedback?” she asks. “Besides, an email does not convey the intent of the writer to me. Is he/she serious about writing?” This programme though, she thinks, will make it easy for her to spot talent. “I will be looking out for two things — the originality of thought and a distinct voice,” she states. Whenever an author gets to be well-known, like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, many new writers imitate his/her style. “Why would I read a John Updike or a Paul Theroux clone when I can read the real thing? Writing has to be honest. There has to be a distinct voice.”

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