“Writing an Essay is like eating pomegranate ; it requires work.
There are essays and essays.

Why is it that we read some essays lingering over each word and thought and gloss over some others? A mere felicity for words isn’t enough to write an essay. What fine essay writing requires also is a keen vision that will make it literary in voice, political or impressionistic in content and yet isn’t stodgy or dull. Essays ought to pack a punch, being entertaining while educating.

On great Essay Writing at Anita’s Attic

At the heart of every great and memorable essay is an issue that begs to be discussed and picked apart, each time you approach it. The secret lies in effectively structuring it as you meticulously critique, summarise, analyse , all the while not losing the perspective of the issue under discussion. Arguments and claims are two equally important components of any effective essay writing. As also the interjection of wit, irony and a personal take. These are the broad parameters that Anita Nair will be taking you through the Creative Writing Course at Anita’s Attic.

Writing Essays at Anita’s Attic

  • The program will be open to only 12 writers at a time
  • Twelve sessions of 5 hours each every Saturday, over twelve weeks

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