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Anita’s Attic, Anita Nair’s comprehensive writing and mentorship program for aspiring authors, curated & conducted by her, found mention in the Authors’ profiles they ran of the shortlisted ones vying for The Hindu Prize 2014.

From the featured profile,

The two sequels to follow will flesh out this historical period in greater detail. Having got a grip on research methodology with the first novel, Nair hopes to be more organised with the next two. For now, Nair has taken a break from history and is working on a sequel to A Cut Like Wound, featuring Inspector Gowda, in an attempt to “come back to the contemporary reality.” She is also putting together a writing academy with a mentorship programme, to be christened “Anita’s Attic.”


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  1. Hi,

    Just read about your mentorship program in TOI today. Would love to be a part of the program. I am a blogger ( and very passionate about writing. Please tell me how to enrol for your next program in September.

    Latha Raghuram.

    • Anita says: (Author)

      Hi Latha,

      The second season of Anita’s Attic would be announced in the last week of April 2015. The Course details and the Fees would be shared along with the announcement. Thank you for your interest in Anita’s Attic.