Anita’s Attic is a comprehensive creative writing course and mentorship program curated & conducted by Anita Nair, and is held annually in Bengaluru. It is a joint venture between Anita Nair, author, and *conditionsapply – a digital agency, in partnership with Harper Collins based in Bengaluru.


Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship program is aimed at identifying, nurturing and empowering literary talent across multiple genres of writing.

12 days spread over 12 weeks

 Anita’s Attic would be structured over twelve days spread over twelve weeks. This introduces the participant into the writing process and will involve assignments that will be evaluated and discussed so the participant becomes acquainted with both the thought and craft that goes into the creation of a piece of creative writing.

This will enable the participant to understand for himself or herself how exactly to locate the ‘voice’ which is the foundation to a literary pursuit. Thereafter the voice would be worked on to help the writer create a piece of work that could be the stepping stone to a literary career.



(Identifying potential talent)


(Extensive 1:1 Mentoring sessions)


(Agents,Publishing, & Digital Support)

Selection of Participants

You have to be 18 years or older to apply. Participation is limited to 12 aspiring authors, who are personally evaluated & chosen by Anita Nair based on their submitted excerpts through www.anitasattic.com and their online presences ( if any ). The resulting class of 12 would be a diverse band of writing talents, with chosen interests across any of the genres.

What to expect each in each session

As it is a dedicated project to hone and sharpen literary skills, the program will be open to only 12 writers at a time and will be conducted online.

Twelve sessions of 5 hours each every Saturday will be spread over twelve weeks. There will be talks by guest writers, publishing industry experts as well as alumni from the Attic who have gone on to publish their books. There will be assignments as well as periodic evaluations and a showcase event.

Joining the Creative Writing Mentorship Program The Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship program looks at nurturing talents from the realm of Poetry, Novels, Essays, Travel Writing, Screenplays, Short Stories , Audio Books  and Children’s Fiction.

Anyone of you who has ever thought of writing or dreamt of publishing your literary work will find the Creative Writing Mentorship program at Anita’s Attic the perfect place to begin that journey.

The program will help you clearly evaluate your strengths and drawbacks as a writer, enabling you to enhance the former and effectively address the latter, with the guidance and mentorship on an one to one basis with one of the most popular and respected authors in fiction internationally and in India.

How to Join the Creative Writing Program Online

It is as easy as it comes. All you need to do is to fill up the brief form available here online, and upload a copy of your recent published work, if any, or anything that you have written recently. You can either upload the file or have it pasted into the form-fields given in the Inquire & Join section.

Costs and Inclusions Anitas Attic Creative Writing Course ProgramThe consolidated cost of Season 10 of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Mentorship Online program is INR 85,000/- .

By the end of each Creative Writing Course Season, the aspiring writer would have spent 5 hours a week for consecutive 11 weeks interacting and engaging with some of the best authors, publishing industry experts and digital media specialists, who together will give the participant a clear understanding of the publishing domain. Anita Nair, with her personal mentorship and one to one sessions will evaluate, assess and guide the aspiring writer on his/her work in progress, often helping view the literary work with objectivity, suggesting crucial changes and facilitating an exceptionally productive literary output.




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