“Writing a novel demands the stamina of a marathon runner.
A novel is born from an idea or a thought that tends to disturb the calm of one’s mind.

And so the novel that derives from this commotion happening in the mind becomes an exploration of that idea and trying to understand it better. This is what hallmarks a good story: that probes beyond the surface and leaves a residual impression in the reader’s mind. However it needs the writer to pace themselves like a marathon running and it is here the mentoring process will take the writer to the finishing line without flagging mid-way.

Novel Writing Mentorship at Anita’s Attic

What makes the tangible difference between an idea and a great novel is the fine management of the creativity that will build the idea into a great novel. This is the main objective as Anita mentors aspiring writers, helping them understand their ideas better and to construct the ideas into viable narratives. Novel writing has its own internal rhythm that breathes life into its characters. Anita will help you find the right ones.

Writing Novels at Anita’s Attic

  • The program will be open to only 12 writers at a time
  • Twelve sessions of 5 hours each every Saturday, over twelve weeks

Experience Anita Nair’s Novels

Eating Wasps is the latest of Anita’s nine novels.

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