" Short stories are like tequila shots .

Short Stories

They say there is a story in each one of us. A story waiting to be written. But why then do some stories stay still-born? The narrative voice is a curious creature. It needs to be persuaded and coaxed to emerge. And when it has, the voice needs to be trained as much as it is nurtured. It is then the story hits the spot and finds itself a home.

Admissions to the 8th Season of Anita’s Attic is now OPEN. It would be from 6 June – 22 August 2020. You can apply here for the upcoming Season.

Short Story Writing and Ideas at Anita’s Attic

Context, characters and conversation, like all other literary outings form the basis of fantastic short stories that you have read, and stay with you once finished, “This is exactly how I want to write !” The marked difference between Short Story writing and others is the element of brevity – it has to be a study in conservation. It is these and many more that Anita guides you through at the Short Story writing program at Anita’s Attic, a part of its Creative Writing Course.

The Short Story Writing Course & Mentorship Program

  • The program will be open to only 12 writers at a time and will be conducted at Anita’s Attic, Bengaluru
  • It would be structured over twelve days spread over twelve weeks
  • Twelve sessions of 5 hours each every Saturday will be spread over twelve weeks
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