Anita’s Attic Season 5 begins with Kiran Nagarkar at the Attic

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  • Kiran-Nagarkar-in-conversation-Anitas-Attic
  • Kiran-Nagarkar-at-Anitas-Attic-Season-5

Thus began Season 5 of Anita’s Attic. And who better to kick-start the season than the utterly brilliant, erudite and amazing Kiran Nagarkar?

In Bangalore to celebrate the publication of the box set of the Ravan & Eddie Trilogy and the 43rd year of publication of his first novel Six Sevens are Forty-Three, Kiran Nagarkar made the time to come by to the Attic and spend time with the 17 writers present.

Over the course of an hour Kiran talked to the writers about what it means to be an artist – The joys and triumphs; the trials and tribulations.

Thank you Kiran Nagarkar and thank you HarperCollins India for facilitating this talk.

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