*conditionsapply speaks about how, for writers, one size doesn’t fit all digital platforms

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Season 2 at Anita’s Attic | Week 3

Once upon a time writers cut their authorly teeth in magazines. We saw the publishing of our stories, essays and poems in publications as the beginning of a literary career. And then the internet happened and a whole new world opened up. The digital space where you could speak your mind, shape your thoughts and find a platform to launch yourself as a writer.

But how do you create a digital footprint that is followed ? In a universe teeming with Facebook and Twitter users, bloggers and WordPress savants, how do you ensure that your presence is felt ?

Which is where Biju Ebenezer, senior member of my digital partners *conditionsapply stepped in. Sharing tips and techniques on how to navigate the digital space with the Season 2 writers at Anita’s Attic.

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