Preeti Shenoy at Anita’s Attic

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What does a best selling commercial fiction author do differently?

Some of the most readable books are written by commercial fiction writers. Be it Marian Keyes, Stephen King, Conn Igulden or Thomas for Le Carre and Rankin, they are poets masquerading as thriller writers.

Nevertheless the literary establishment and lit fiction writers are such snobs that we look down our toffee noses and think all commercial fiction is crap; lit fiction deals with the human condition, while pulp fiction is formulaic renditions of the human condition.

Over the last three seasons at Anita’s Attic, our guest speakers have always been literary fiction writers. Some of them have had books that sell many copies but a best-selling commercial fiction author’s numbers and reach is in another league.

Which is why I thought it important that my writers meet and hear about the journey of a very successful commercial fiction writer. And who better than Preeti Shenoy, one among the top five highest selling authors in India (Source: Nielsen scan)and the highest selling woman writer in India?

In a session filled with practical tips as much as personal takes, Preeti gave Anita’s Attic writers a whole new perspective on what it means to be a writer:

  • When I am writing, my internet is off.
  • I never set out to improve people’s lives
  • I refuse to believe that there is something called writer’s block
  • Blogging helps; it gives you an inkling of who your readers are !

Thank you Preeti Shenoy for the enthusiasm and confidence you brought into the room and giving Anita’s Attic‬ writers an understanding of your creative process.

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