Season 6 – A Cricketer turned Writer comes to the Attic

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Very often writers wonder where do other writers come from. What did they do before they decided to write a book? What was that epiphany that led them towards a literary life? And what were the challenges? Who better than long time friend of the Attic and first class cricketer Harimohan Paruvu to dispel doubts and worries and fill Season 6 writers with the fortitude for the way ahead. Author of books such as The Men Within by Harimohan Paruvu ( novel) and 50 Not out ( leadership book) Harimohan, once fast bowler now man of letters left the Season 6 writers clean bowled. Thank you…

About Harimohan Paruvu 

Harimohan Paruvu (born on 14 August, 1967) is an Indian author, former cricketer, columnist, screenwriter and motivational speaker, known for his English language books centered on the game of Cricket.

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