To write the first word and to shape the first thought


There isn’t perhaps a more solitary calling than writing. First there are the countless voices of self-doubt: Why write? What do I write? What am I going to do differently from all the other writers out there – published and unpublished?
Then there is the blank page that stares at you willing you to write that first word, shape that first thought. And when you have, how do you sustain the idea, build the narrative, make the words breathe? At times you wonder how you are going to do it at all.
In the beginning of my journey as a writer, there were times when I wished I had someone who would be my banister; someone I could rely upon if I ever stumbled ; someone I could reach out for when I groped in the dark. A mentor. A friend. Someone who would propel me forward. I never set out to curate a creative writing course. But with every aspiring author who reached out to me seeking mentorship, I thought it was time that I give back to the world of letters what it had given me. That I share with those who needed it the benefit of my experience and my understanding of what goes into being a writer.
And thus Anita’s Attic.

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