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Jayapriya Vasudevan from the Jacaranda Literary Agency, based out of Singapore, interacted with the Class at Anita’s Attic, on 31 st January 2015 – the second week in the Creative Writing Course & Mentorship program at Anita’s Attic.
Jayapriya has more than twenty years experience of working in publishing, during which time she has worked in virtually every area of the business. Born in Calcutta, to a family of writers, she studied literature at college and went on to work for numerous publishers, learning the business firsthand. From editing and event management, to sales and distribution, she has ‘done it all.’ Then, having spotted a gap in the market, together with a partner, she set up India’s first bookstore café in Bangalore. It was here that she organized literary salons, inviting up to fifteen authors at a time to speak. Bookseller magazine hailed her as “one of India’s most dynamic booksellers.”
In 1997, she decided to use her years of experience in publishing to set up Jacaranda, India’s first ever literary agency. She went on build up an impressive list, working with distinguished authors such as Anita Nair and Shashi Warrior.
Following a stint living in Beijing, where she continued to develop her list, Jayapriya moved to Singapore in 2006. Once there she founded Books@Jacaranda LLP. Over the years the agency has grown and now represents more than 45 authors across South East Asia and beyond. Jayapriya has spoken at literary conferences all over Asia, from Istanbul and India to Manila and Singapore. Now a Singapore citizen, she is passionate about the visual and performing arts, about books, travel and people.

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