Vivek Tejuja at Anita’s Attic on Week 10

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  • Vivek-Tejuja-at-Anita
  • Vivek-Tejuja-at-Anita

Season 2 at Anita’s Attic | Week 10

It’s not very often that a reviewer is also a writer and a book seller.

Which is why it was wonderful to have the brilliant and very witty Vivek Tejuja come in as the speaker at the 10th Session of Anita’s Attic Season 2. Vivek whose young adult book will be published early next year is precisely the kind of writer one needs to introduce to new writers to. For he drives home the message again and again that it is the writing that is important and not what happens thereafter.

That is the writer’s dharma; the rest is entirely the book’s karma.

Thank you Vivek.

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