Bharti Girdhar

I am : An Interior Designer and Entrepreneur and now an aspiring writer

Presently biding my time : Doing what I love – work blended with some music, spiced with some friendships and extra-large refills of reading

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Spinning sketches of tales to tell

As good as: it gets

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from July 1 – Sep 21 2017

My Blog : Bougainvillea Design

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

Anita’s Attic was a revelation which unfurled as I spent every Saturday, mesmerised listening to her and other co-writers spinning a web of words around me. Anita not only mentored ours words, in fact quite subtly but surely, imparted us the sensibilities and resilience required to create a piece of fiction. She walked the talk every Saturday and we slaved out piece after piece of some thousand words each Wednesday. Each submission was a dare and dread for a non-writer like me. I carried the fear of Red marks like a halo every Saturday. But everytime, although I was handed a red hued word doc, I also renewed my lessons in kindness, discretion, objectivity and word wisdom beyond par. The attic experience with Anita and a bunch of cracking, much talented co-writers showed me beyond doubt that ” Darr ke aage jeet hai”!

Bharti’s Bio

A designer by heart and soul, passionate about enabling my clients to create their own design statements reflected in their lifestyle through their dwellings.

Professionally describing:
Creative interior design professional and entrepreneur with over 150 executed projects in Bangalore spanning over 15 years. Experience in all styles of design – classic, contemporary, retro, and modern Minimalistic with a strong background in project management, space planning & optimization and quality control. Academically I have a Masters degree in Resource Management from University of Delhi followed by PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management. I have also done a certificate course in Interior Design from Regent Academy of Fine Arts, London.

Bharti Girdhar | “Not Just Jazz” | The Graduation Ceremony of Season 5, Anita’s Attic

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