Geeta Philip

I am : A writer by profession, communicator by intent and storyteller by passion

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Not just dreaming and telling stories, but actually publishing short stories, interwoven with all the bitterness, pain, joyous moments of life. Someday, somewhere, hopefully someone will read my stories and say, “Ah, this is so real”!

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from July 1 – Sep 21 2017

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About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I write and visualize every day, breathing life into business and marketing communications. This perhaps put a block on my creative fiction writing. I had ideas and stories in my head, but could never translate them into print. I have done blogs and small pieces, but was always stifled when I had something bigger and beautiful in mind. I have been following Anita Nair’s stories and tweets, and found a very sensitive and contemporary writer, with a down-to-earth attitude. Over the last twelve weeks, Anita has helped craft my writing and thinking process. This individual one –to – one learning has helped me structure and articulate my thought processes with more form and finesse. Her feedback is priceless. Her sensitivity has helped me take course correction and shaped by writing into a mature stream.

Geeta’s Bio

Geeta Philip is a marketing & communication professional based in Bangalore. She loves to tell stories, read and write, enjoy Malayalam movies, be with friends and family, and simply chill out in the evenings, doing nothing.

Geeta Philip | “Not Just Jazz” | The Graduation Ceremony of Season 5, Anita’s Attic

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