Jeenu Jaison

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I am : A dreamer who wishes to travel the world

Presently biding my time : Reading, writing, dreaming and loving everything that’s beautiful; all the while trying to make peace with my day job

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Being a writer, remembered by the readers long after I am gone

As good as : My idol

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 17th March – 30th April, 2016

My Blog: My Days and Dreams

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I read about Anita’s Attic just after the first season had started. Though I never imagined I would ever have the confidence to apply, I did send my entry, though it was a bit delayed. And lo and behold, in the third season, I was accepted which was totally unbelievable for me.

Being accepted into the programme came as a big surprise, as I never counted myself as a writer. Except for my occasional blog posts and the very few journals, I never wrote, though stories ran through my mind. This was a positive turning point in my life.

Anita gave me the confidence that I can write beyond the blogs, even if it may take several rewritings. I was surprised to see a story unfolding within me, as I started writing it, and Anita was right there, to give me that little push and guidance when I felt lost.

12 weeks, lot of discussions, speakers including editors, agents, and writers; we could not have asked for more. This was the place that showed me the nitty-gritties of the literary world, the end to end process of writing to publishing and beyond.

Life had been presenting me with a platter of experiences and little did I expect that I would ever have this opportunity.

Jeenu’s Bio

I long to be a writer, but I started as an addictive reader. Currently writing my first story of Ammu.

Jeenu’s reading of her part as author of the collaborative fiction piece, “Blessings in disguise”


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