Jinashree Rajendrakumar

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I am : A drifter at heart. I think the song “El Condor pasa / Yes I would” by Simon and Garfunkel describes me best.

Presently biding my time : training to be a counsellor, pursuing a degree in astrology, running my company, alongside loving my family

As I secretly follow my dreams of : writing bits of this and that

As good as : I can sift through the layers of emotions that run deep inside of us

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 6th August – 28th October, 2016

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

It was a great experience. I got to meet a group of like-minded and yet diverse friends with a common passion for writing. The information and insights shared by the Attic guests from various areas of literature gave us the complete picture.

I was amazed, week upon week, by the diligent guidance Anita brought into the life of “Pooja” and “Leena” – the protagonists of my stories. Anita’s drive for excellence and passion is something I will always remember and look back to. I can still visualize the temple in Kerala that Anita described as part of her research! I will always cherish these dozen saturdays spent at the Attic. I think this song best symbolises Anita and my journey through the Attic – The Kerala boat Song by Vidya Iyer

Jinashree’s Bio

I have an MBA from San Jose State University, M.S from IIITB and B.E in computer Science from Bangalore University. After 15 years in the IT industry, I have decided to take a break and pursue myself.

Recent published work : A dabbler intending to make a debut.

Jinashree ‘s story on Scriptophobia

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