Lavanya Srihari

I am : A bookworm addicted to the smell of libraries and book shops, a closet writer (so far), an experiential cook, a fan of quirky movies, a believer in lounging, sauntering and other such forms of exercise, an incorrigible chatterer who loves solitude equally, an admirer of trees and their persistence in the face of human stupidity

Presently biding my time : : Doing what needs to be done while walking a parallel universe of ideas and words in my head

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Telling stories well and writing amazing prose

As good as: This mad, bad, sad, glad, good, horrendous, marvellous world we live in! or Schrodinger’s Cat!

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from June 30 to September 15, 2018

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I enjoyed being a part of this program. Anita, in her own words, is a taskmaster. She has taught us the importance of self-discipline. Her knack of breaking down difficult things and fears to manageable daily activities is liberating. A problematic mountain often becomes an easily scalable hill after a session with her!

Her weekly critiques of my writing boosted my confidence tremendously and showed me where I can do better. I have gone from a solitary secret scribbler to one who dreams of being a published writer eventually!

I loved these Saturdays where I could spend time with others who share a passion for writing. I am fortunate to have met and shared this journey with so many warm friendly intelligent and supportive people.

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