Mumukshu Mohanty

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I am : A storyteller

Presently biding my time : In a job I actually enjoy – as a Marketing & Communication professional – in a typical IT firm, in this typical IT city.

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Writing something worthwhile, with my name on the cover, which someone will read and remember. Even if the book languishes in the back shelf of a musty, old library, it’s fine. I believe, immortality lies in the words you leave behind.

As good as : This day, this moment

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 6th August – 28th October, 2016

My Blog : Yet Another Point of View

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I write quite a bit in my day job. But I could never make much progress with my non-business writing. I had been published in smaller publications, but I wanted to start a bigger, worthier project. Anita Nair has been a favorite author and an inspiration since I read her first novel ‘The Better Man’ almost 20 years ago. I jumped at a chance to be mentored by her as I can’t imagine a better teacher and guide. Over the last twelve weeks, Anita has helped me craft my writing better. I have learnt to structure and articulate my thought a lot more clearly. Her feedback is invaluable – it has not only helped me correct my mistakes, it has also given me the motivation to write better.

Mumukshu’s Bio

Mumukshu Mohanty is a marketing & communication professional based in Bangalore. She loves to read and write, enjoys the movies, performing arts and other crafts, family and friends, laughing out loud – all not necessarily in that order.

Mumukshu Mohanty’s story on Sesquippedaliophobia

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