Namrata Dass

I am : A writer, bibliophile and avid dog lover

Presently biding my time : Working as a freelance content writer and a Hypnotherapist

As I secretly follow my dreams of : becoming a published Young Adult fiction writer

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from July 1 – Sep 21 2017

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

To be handpicked by Anita Nair for this program has definitely been one of the highlights of my career. The Creative Writing Mentorship Program is one of a kind in India. Anita Nair is a brilliant mentor who is firm, encouraging, patient and helps an aspiring writer understand the pros and cons of creative writing.

As a student of this program, I have gained valuable insights such as the common pitfalls to avoid as a budding writer, story crafting, character delineation and eliminating author’s bias. The program has given me an opportunity to interact with rain-makers from the publishing world who helped me understand the workings of this creative industry. This platform has refined my writing skills and enabled me to showcase my literary work.

Namrata’s Bio

Namrata is a Bangalore based freelance content writer who is currently freelancing with Indiahikes, a trek documentation organization that captures experiences of trekking enthusiasts. A background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy lends her a better understanding of human behaviour. Occasionally, she waves a pendulum before unsuspecting folks and relieves them of the burden of their heavy wallets!

Namrata’s keen sense of observation and peculiar imagination makes her believe that the more bizarre a writer is, the more creative they get. Ever since she has adopted her first dog, she has been inspired to work on her first book, a young adult fiction that helps stray dogs find a voice albeit an anthropomorphic one. She might just need extensive Hypnotherapy thereafter to vanquish the various canine personalities which dominate her mind these days. When Namrata isn’t chasing her literary pursuits, pet therapy with her dog, Kuttus, a good laugh, great conversation, yummy food and generous doses of red wine lifts her spirits.

Namrata Dass | “Not Just Jazz” | The Graduation Ceremony of Season 5, Anita’s Attic

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