Sakthivel Radhakrishna

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I am : a student from Chennai

Presently biding my time : studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Technologies at the Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. I play video games, draw and read fantasy novels for fun.

As I secretly follow my dreams of : trying and failing to balance my time between writing, art and game development. I someday hope to create a lasting world that people can lose themselves in.

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 6th August – 28th October, 2016

My Blog : Crossflip

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

The attic was an opportunity to meet a variety of experienced writers entirely unlike myself. There’s no hope of finding your voice as a writer with no one to hear it and no one else to hear. In this regard, my time at the attic was a refreshing experience that brought my writing many steps forward.

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