Sandeep Narayanan


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I am : Originally from Kerala but now settled in Bangalore

Presently biding my time : As trying to be one too many things – a brand manager by day and a writer by night

As I secretly follow my dream of : A novelist and short story writer

As good as : A short story writer as Manto and a novelist like Amitav Ghosh or Milan Kundera

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 5 September – 14 November, 2015

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I have always felt this constant desire to write something but besides a few rants on social media and a some attempts at poetry and writing short stories my writing did not amount to anything substantial. Being selected for Anita’s Attic Mentorship program gave my confidence a huge boost and with Anita’s help, and the assignments she gives us writers every week, I have strengthened my writing and have been able to find my true voice. Along with this the fantastic conversations we had with authors, people from the world of publishing and editors etc. opened my eyes to the ground realities and gave me a better understanding of the literary world. The Saturdays spent here will be forever etched in my memory and I am surely going to miss it.


Sandeep’s reading of his part as author of the collaborative fiction piece, “Daddy Dearest”

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