Sriranjani S


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I am : from Bangalore

Presently biding my time : posing as a student, but secretly training myself in the art of writing and thinking weird, abstract thoughts

As I secretly follow my dream of : becoming an author and taking over the world with my literary prowess

As good as : anyone who has a love for writing and is constricted by the laws of time and mortality can be

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 5 September – 14 November, 2015

My Website : I write at Jini vs. the Universe

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I think what I liked most about the writing program is the atmosphere. I met people who share the same passion and love for writing as I do, and though that isn’t hard to find, it is hard to find people who are dedicated to the craft and want to put onto paper something meaningful, that will last decades, if not centuries.

The course itself was a mixture of startling realizations and pleasant reinforcements of what writing is and what it takes for your work to be seen. I met a lot of people who are established in the field and gained a lot of first-hand information that will help in future endeavours. The habit of writing was cultivated and I hope to carry forward all the things I learned in this course. It also gives you the opportunity to improve and push yourself forward in a way that few other courses can.

It was fun, educational, and refreshing. I met some wonderful people and I will genuinely be sad to let it go.

Recent published work : My short story ‘On the usefulness of stars‘ was recently published in the online magazine Madras Mag as well as ‘The Madras Mag Anthology of Creative Writing’.

Sriranjani reading of her part as author of the collaborative fiction piece, “A Pound of Flesh”


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