Sruti Sagaram

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I am : A dreamer, a reader, a foodie and a writer

Presently biding my time : As a technical writer

As I secretly follow my dreams of : Actually finishing my novel

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 6th August – 28th October, 2016

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

I was lost in the woods when I found out about the Attic. Anita helped me find my path. I know there are still promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep but I have a destination in mind now.
It heartens me to know that there are several others on this path, and that over the few months at the Attic, these brilliant writers have become friends.

Sruti’s Bio

Sruti is a technical writer at SAP Labs India. She loves to read, and can survive on books alone. She also loves to explore new cuisines and places. Her favorite pastime is to curl up in bed with her Kindle.

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