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Swapna Narayanan

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I am : A feminine spirit effectively (at least I think so!) juggling the core pillars of my life – my boys, my profession, and my writing.

Presently biding my time : Nurturing the creative side of me

As I secretly follow my dream of : Bringing out beautiful narratives about the indomitable human spirit that manages to face all odds and still emerge victorious.

As good as : My all time favourite character heroines – Draupadi, Dagny Taggart, Meredith Bancroft, Florentyna Kane, Scarlett O Hara. And some heroes too! Rhett Butler, Hank Rearden, Atticus Finch, Karna, Krishna…

Part of the : Creative Writing Mentorship Program from 24 January – 11 April, 2015

My Website : Life – A beautiful journey

About being a part of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing program

This program has been a life changer in many senses. It was a platform where I could identify my voice and capture it into beautiful narratives. Something, I was not able to do, amidst the clutter of a full time business writing profession.

Apart from learning varied aspects of language, diction, character, voice, scene etc., what I liked the most was the insistent focus on disciplined approach to writing. For someone who always thought writing was a very ‘from the heart’ thing, this was a revelation. Anita is a very patient mentor, who caught sight of my core forte early on, but allowed me to discover it on my own – as my journey.

In addition, she also exposed me to all other facets involved in writing – editors, literary agents, publishers etc. Every week, we had a speaker who opened our world to all other finer nuances. What more can a budding writer ask for?

Overall, a memorable 12 weeks, etched permanently in my life.


Swapna Narayanan’s Bio

Swapna Narayanan (@swapnanarayanan) is an Indian author based in Bangalore. Enamored by the power of the written word, Swapna always nurtured a dream to become a writer. Riding on the prevalent IT wave of the 90’s, she achieved part of her dream by taking up Technical Communication as profession. After spending 20 years in the field of business writing, she went back to her dream and started writing short stories and essays. Today, she divides her time in pursuing her literary ambitions and managing a documentation company. An avid communicator she has lectured in various forums and colleges and has participated in talk shows about technical communication.

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