Creative Writing Tips – Try these 6 easy & effective ways to record those ideas

Writing Tips- Record That Idea

What’s the one thing which transforms the urge to write into actually writing?

Apart from that stroke of inspiration, it is an idea. It will suddenly spring up in your mind and catch you off-guard. Maybe, while running an errand. Or it could dawn on you while walking your dog in the park. You promised yourself that you would remember what it was. But are you having trouble recalling your idea? Stop berating yourself, a writer’s mind draws inspiration from nothing and everything. Hence, an invaluable writing tip is to record those ideas. In order to record those precious thoughts, you need a full-proof method. Who knows? One of those ideas could turn into a masterpiece for you. Here’s presenting techniques that you could toy around with to devise a method that works for you.

1. A Notebook

Old fangled as it might seem, one of the most common writing tips is to maintain a Notebook. You could partition it into sections or just jot down anything that inspires you in a manner you deem suitable. Take some time to deck up this book, so that it resonates with the things that you stand for as a writer. It could include a quote that inspired you, a line from a book, a journal entry, just a random thought, song lyrics, a dream, a to-do list, or a bucket-list.

2. Bullet Journal

If you’d like to step up and organize your notebook you can always opt to start a bullet journal. It is an excellent way to forecast your plans, record your ideas, track your writing habits, and meet your writing goals. Whether you believe it or not having a bullet journal, notches up productivity, and enhances creativity. But if using a notebook isn’t your preferred method of writing you could always set up a Digital Writers Notebook.

3. Voice Recordings

If jotting down your ideas seems tedious, you could always record your thoughts. Those ramblings in your head and those brainstorming sessions with yourself can be recorded here. This process eliminates the distraction of correcting those typos and deciphering your own handwriting later on. It’s easy to implement and listening to your thoughts, later on, gives more clarity.  This exercise even helps in maneuvering around a writer’s block.

4. Pinterest

As a writer, your mind is always on alert mode, even while surfing the internet. You might stumble on an article that could inspire you to create content. But where does one save all these links? You can use Pinterest and create a private board that functions as a storehouse of your ideas. Furthermore, you can create a public board, and share all your writing inputs, such as your blogs, reading recommendations, and techniques.

4. Take a Picture

As a writer, you can use your smartphone to your advantage. Capture pictures of things, instances, and scenarios along the way. You could further save all this in a separate folder. Who knows? Scrolling through these stills could inspire a share-worthy blog post. It is more or less, a gallery of your thoughts. Looking for an idea for your next story? Charge your phone, step out, go for a walk, and capture a picture of the first thing that inspires you.

5. Stash it in your notes

Creative Writing Tips

The notes feature on your phone is excellent to list down your thoughts. Being glued to our phones all day makes it easy to type that idea. The play store has many note-taking apps with additional features to amplify the note-taking activity. It is convenient to capture that stray thought which springs up in your mind from nowhere. These work as excellent story openings and might also result in the stringing of a sad sonnet.

6. Index Cards

Creative Writing Tips

Writing is incomplete without research. Hence, you could use Index Cards to organize your research. To begin with, broadly classify the subject you are writing and researching in categories. For example: – your categories could be the introduction, problem, solution, advantage, and disadvantage for a blog post. You could color code it by using different colored pens or sticky notes. All these little nuggets of information can easily be woven into a blog post.

Which method are you going to use to record that next idea of yours? One of these could prove to be useful for you. Besides this, if you are looking for writing tips and aspire to become a disciplined writer, sign up for Season 8 of Anita’s Attic, you’ll find it here! Submissions are now open.

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