The journey to Anita’s Attic | An alumnus fondly remembers

Sonakshi Kandhari, from Season 5 of Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Course & Mentorship program fondly recalls her ‘moment of truth’ from her discovery to being a part of the class at the Attic.
Sonakshi--D-Kandhari-Writers-Profile-Anitas-AtticDismally hitting backspace on your Word document, you wondered “Am I suffering the proverbial writer’s block?” You began researching writing tips and stumbled upon Anita’s Attic, a creative writing mentorship program for anyone who wants to learn the writing process. Admissions were round the corner and the selection criterion was a 400-word write-up. You switched off your laptop and busied yourself with the day’s chores. The tagline “You will find it here!” was the ear-worm of the day. The voice in your head urged you to give the write- up a shot and the result left you pleasantly surprised. You mustered the courage and finally submitted the write-up.

Frantically waiting for a response, your heart skipped a beat when your phone flashed with a new mail from With heady disbelief, you kept re-reading “Congratulations on being handpicked by Anita Nair for the Anita’s Attic Creative Writing Course Mentorship Program.

Countdown to the Attic

After overcoming the initial euphoria, unwanted thoughts threatened to burst the bubble. In the bleakest of moments you wondered, “How will I keep up?”, “Have I been doing the right thing all along?” and worst of the lot, “Do I have it in me to be a writer?” All I can say is, shed aside these inhibitions and wait with pleasant anticipation for the sessions to unfold.

Haven’t you always yearned for a confidante to discuss story ideas? Anita becomes that and more. On a blank parchment, pen down probable story ideas and let your subconscious guide you to the most relevant one. Your ideas will now receive the able guidance of Anita Nair. Listen in carefully, that Word document saved in your laptop possibly could wind up in a publishing house.

To prep up, perhaps you could look back at the reading list and get some reading done. The best way to understand the craft of writing is to study it.Browsing through the achievements of the previous batches on the website will give you the much needed confidence. What are you waiting for? Encircle the date on the calendar and get set to go to the Attic.

On the other side of Anita’s Attic

Are you curious to know what awaits you? Anita is equally eager, waiting to welcome you into her world. As a writer you are suddenly struck by inspiration but what do you do otherwise? Anita’s sessions will help structure your fragmented thoughts find its groove and write seamlessly. Thriving in a community of peers who are unified by the the love for writing and being nurtured by Anita’s mentorship would be the one definitive step to nudge you towards taking up writing professionally.

Here is wishing you all the delight and hardwork the Creative Writing program will bring you at Anita’s Attic.

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