Creative Writing Mentor | Why does an aspiring writer need a mentor?

The best creative writing course in Bengaluru offers mentorship by Anita Nair

Did someone read the ramblings in your personal diary and discover the writer hidden in you? That’s how most writers begin their journey. What next? The pre-requisites for being a writer are reading and writing. But being mentored and understanding the art and craft of creative writing is equally important for an aspiring writer. To put it simply, your creative writing aspirations can benefit immensely with the right creative writing mentor, and a mentorship program in creative writing.

The benefits that come from attending a Creative writing course serve as a launchpad for your life as a writer. Are you contemplating whether you should or shouldn’t enroll yourself in one? Understanding the takeaways that come from it will help you make a well-informed decision.

Understanding the nuances

Knowledge Enrichment

Like any other discipline, even the art of writing needs to be understood inside out to be able to excel at it. Hence a writing course entails knowledge acquisition, skill set enhancement, and learning new literary techniques. Furthermore, a creative writing course gives you insights into what does and what doesn’t make a story work. And most importantly it makes you master the language which makes you write confidently. A creative writing course is one way of helping you find and develop a voice of your own.

 Creative Writing Mentor Anita Nair

The Curriculum

Writing isn’t just writing, it involves ideating, researching, prewriting, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. A creative writing course takes you through each aspect step by step. It also makes you aware of the different forms of writing that there are and how to present it effectively. Because writing is not restricted to just being inspired, there are several other aspects to it which you discover through a creative writing course.

It helps you form a writing community of your own

A writer often feels least understood in a sea of their own words. Working alongside peers helps with identifying and overcoming the struggles that you go through as a writer. It presents you with an opportunity to be mentored by writers who have established themselves. And, receiving and giving feedback makes room for growth and helps a writer understand the nuances of writing. Making and maintaining these connections takes you a long way as a writer.

 Creative Writing Mentor in Bangalore
Enrolling in  Anita's Attic the best creative writing course in Bengaluru fine tunes your mind

It fine-tunes your mind

A writer lost in the mumble-jumble of their thoughts gets easily distracted. But a creative writing course ensures that a chunk of your day is dedicated to writing alone. Besides that the course structure and the guidance from the mentors instills in a writer a commitment towards writing. Trying to attain perfection a writer may struggle to actually write, a creative writing course helps you maneuver around this and keep writing.

Finding the creative writing mentor in Bengaluru

When you choose Anita Nair as your Creative writing Mentor at Anita’s Attic , it has many advantages:

  • Here we identify, empower, and nurture talent.
  • Applicants are subject to a filtration process prior to enrollment.
  • You will work on a current project of yours in the course of the 12 weeks at the Attic.
  • It covers several aspects of writing like creating a character, how to write a structure for your book, dialogue writing, etc.
  • The journey doesn’t end in 12 weeks, once you’ve finished your manuscript you can send it for feedback and evaluation.
  • You can choose to learn and write a genre that interests you.
  • You will be mentored by one of the best in the industry Anita Nair.
  • You will network and interact with the geniuses in the writing world.
  • If you have a story you will find it here.

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