When a writer falls in love with you, here’s what life looks like

When a writer falls in love with you here

Have you lost your heart to a writer?  Loving and being loved by a writer is a different experience altogether. It isn’t easy but it’s rewarding. With innumerable thoughts churning in their mind, here’s what life looks like when a writer falls in love with you. 

1. It adds newness to life

No two days are ever going to be the same for you. You might walk into a house cluttered with crumpled bits of paper. Or you might sit up until the wee hours of the morning to discuss a story idea. Your partner could break into a happy dance or convince you to do something you never imagined doing.

2. An imprint of your identity is left behind in their words

You become your partner’s muse. That occasional love note or the poem on your birthday will indeed make you feel special. A writer being observant in nature notices things about you that might ordinarily escape one’s eyes. The wavy curls of your hair, or the crinkles around your eyes when you smile. Anything and everything about might be a source of inspiration to your writer partner. Your love story will remain as a memory even after you.

3. You learn a thing or two about resilience

A writer has been through all of it, the pitfalls and the successes. But one thing that helps a writer sail through these situations – is an undying spirit and hope. This quality of theirs has a positive impact on their relationships. Because come what may your writer partner is going to try to make things work.

4. Your gestures don’t go unnoticed 

It is often said that the writer has the memory of an elephant. So don’t be shocked in case your writer partner randomly brings up something you mentioned 6 months back. Most importantly, your acts of kindness and your selfless sacrifices will be thought of with gratitude. But the same policy holds good for the times you inflict pain.

5. You have found yourself a problem- solver

A writer has an innate ability to think about situations from every angle. This makes a writer look at things in a rational way. Whether it’s a work-related issue or a family crisis your writer partner with their vivid imagination is sure to give you a solution.

6. You are going to make sound decisions

A writer is required to read and watch content as a part of their preparation. As a result of which, a writer gains insights into various kinds of people and their perspectives. Hence, your partner wouldn’t go wrong in assessing a person. If your writer partner offers you advice pay heed to it.

If you are in love with a writer, your partner is vulnerable and requires space. But with all that said and done, you are going to be loved with an intensity that’s going to turn your life around. Even with their moodiness, and writer’s block, the way a writer loves is special. The world needs more such people don’t you think? Is there a writer hidden in you? You can hone your writing skills at Anita’s Attic.

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