Anita’s Attic opened its doors to Season 2 on Teachers’ Day

  • Anitas-Attic-Creative-Writing-Course-and-Mentorship-Program-Season-2
  • Anitas-Attic-Creative-Writing-Course-and-Mentorship-Program-Season-2--Mani-and-Peter
  • Anitas-Attic-Creative-Writing-Course-Mentorship-Program-Season-2
  • Anitas-Attic-Creative-Writing-Course-and-Mentorship-Program-bangaloreSeason-2

And so on Teacher’s Day, Anita’s Attic opened its doors to Season 2.

12 writers from different parts of the city. 12 writers whose reason to write and styles have nothing in common. 12 writers seeking to find an expression for their imagination. It will be exciting to see what each of these writers will do with their time at Anita’s Attic.

It will be interesting to see their voices develop and blossom.

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