Manu S Pillai at Anita’s Attic

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It isn’t often that a 25 year old writer appears on the horizon with a 694 page book of which 120 pages are just notes. The writer : Manu S Pillai and the book : The Ivory Throne [Chronicles of the House of Travancore].

In what could only be termed an invigorating session, Manu talked to the writers of Season 3 at Anita’s Attic on what started him on the book and its writing. As I sat there watching him address the class, what struck me was not just the brilliance of this young writer but also his passion for what he was doing and his diligence.

Without passion, any piece of writing no matter how brilliantly researched will not leap off the page and it is this I hope was the greatest takeaway for my writers along with some of these nuggets:

* Women’s bodies were not sexualized then as it were now
* Myth making is part of holding onto power

Thank you Manu Pillai. You are a star! And I personally look forward to seeing you scale greater heights…

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