On Creating and Maintaining a Writer’s Digital Presence


Just like that, Season 3 of Anita’s Attic is into session 4 and we thought it time that our writers get an understanding of what it is to be a writer in this time and age. And so it was time to call in the Marines.

And I can’t think of anyone more appropriate than Biju Ebenezer, part of my digital team *conditionsapply and a WordPress evangelist.

In a scintillating session where Biju talked to the writers about the importance of creating a digital footprint and answered their queries, many nuggets of wisdom emerged :

* Tomorrow when someone searches for you, you have to give them at least 5 avenues to find you – on creating a digital footprint

* If you are out of sight, you are out of mind! – on maintaining blogs,

* Write your blog post at least once a month – on digital discipline

Thank you Biju for sharing your wisdom so generously and so graciously

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