The Editor & the Writer hold court at Anita’s Attic

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Season 2 at Anita’s Attic | Week 7

It’s wonderful to have some of the finest writing talent drop in to Anita’s Attic to speak to the writers on the writing process.

It is just as important to have an editor come by to tell them what goes into the editorial process and how manuscripts actually transform into published books. What does an editor seek in a new voice? What does an editor detest? What does an editor actually mean when she says ‘it doesn’t work’- and who better than the gorgeous and keen-eyed Ajitha G. S., Commissioning Editor at HarperCollins India?

And then a bit like the masterchef classes, a favourite from the previous season Krupa Ge dropped in as well, but more on Krupa and her doings very soon in a separate post.

Ladies, you rocked!

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