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Sooraj Rajmohan
SEPTEMBER 18, 2018 16:35 IST

Comic artist Appupen spoke of the importance of artistic integrity at the graduation event of the sixth edition of Anita Nair’s creative writing course

A rainy Bengaluru evening saw a new batch of writers achieve a milestone at the Rangasthala theatre at Rangoli Metro Art Centre. The graduation event for the sixth season of writer Anita Nair’s creative writing course and mentorship programme, Anita’s Attic, had popular comic artist Appupen deliver the third Attic Lecture on The Magic of Dissent.

The event started with Nair talking about the difficult, and sometimes unrewarding, craft that is writing, and why it is important to respect one’s own work. “An uncle of mine was an artist,” she said, “he always said to never do anything for free, because then the recipient will never respect the work. Writing is a lottery. Sometimes bad writers make huge sums of money while good writers remains in anonymity for their lives.”

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