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Go back in time and recall the first time you wrote.

What led to it? Were you madly in love? Or was it the pain of a parting friend? These overwhelming emotions propelled the writer in you to compress those emotions into words. Re-reading what you put on paper in a matter of minutes opened up possibilities and windows of opportunity for the creative part of your mind, because it gave you the courage to accept that “Hey, I can write”. With the passage of time the magnitude of any emotion reduces, the writer in you flounders around struggling to seek inspiration. Doubt? Despair? Writer’s block? All these misconceptions plague you and leave you wondering “Can I write more?” Combat all of this by following the golden rule of “writing every day.”

Make writing a ritual

Like how it is imperative for a bodybuilder to flex those muscles, a writer has to exercise that writing muscle and make writing a daily ritual. Waiting for that moment of inspiration may turn you into a writer who “makes hay when the sun shines”. Writing everyday will bring discipline in your work and make you write with or without inspiration. Practicing this continually will result in your creativity going up several notches.

Think about it, if your second sonnet was not garnered with the same appreciation as the first one, would that crushing disappointment blinded you? Is it going to be the end of your journey as a writer? Stop wallowing in self-pity, brush aside the fear of rejection and write everyday. You will only get better at it. Do you have a flair for penning poetry but apprehensive about giving that short story a chance? Writing everyday will broaden your horizons and in the journey you may discover that you can write other genres too. In this fast-paced environment it is difficult to still time, look for the appropriate words and simply write. Writing everyday will enhance your vocabulary, help you gain pace and deliver write-ups fast.

“What do I write about, every day?” This thought alone can be a stumbling block in the practice of writing every day. Mulling what to write about? Look around you, the room you’re sitting in, the walls, the interiors or anything about the room that is fodder for your imagination – simply write. This will train you to write fearlessly, striving to attain perfection will not make you a best-selling author but practicing the craft of writing will certainly prod you in that direction.

Writing is liberating

Writing every day, will fine tune your skills as a writer but will lead to holistic improvement in the quality of life. Bottling up resentment, anger or bitter feeling will affect the state of your mind. Writing enables you to vent out all your emotions and leaves you feeling considerably lighter. It is a journey of self discovery that helps bring order in the clutter of life.

Research says that writing improves mental health and people who write are happier. When one writes of their problems, it brings and gives the much needed strength to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Suffering from long term ailments, it is advised to  engage in expressive writing it will coax the disease out of your system and heal you.

Not convinced yet? Pull out your notepad and scribble away, either it will nurture your talent or you will live life feeling happier and healthier.

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