Vestin Verghese’s story Gandhi Rocks selected for Sampad’s Anthology


Vestin Verghese - AuthorVestin Verghese, a vet by profession and a writer by calling, is a voice to watch out for among the writers of Anita’s Attic Season 1.

His whimsical way of thinking makes him a natural children’s writer. As for his short stories, they are a class apart.

Naturally, we at Anita’s Attic are very delighted to announce that Vestin’s story Gandhi Rocks  has been accepted by the U.K based Sampad (South Asian Arts Association) for publication in their anthology ‘Inspired by Gandhi‘ based on a competition held in May 2015.

An Excerpt from the Selected Work

‘Ravi Kiran gazed out of the curtain-less tea shop window. He sighed. The grey of the boulder on which the tea shop stood gave way to the vivid green of the estates, and the silver of the water, that surrounded Rockhead Island. Ravi Kiran glanced at the tables…..’

Congratulations Vestin Verghese….your storytelling rocks !

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