Vivek Shanbagh at Anita’s Attic

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There is a book everyone is talking about these days.

Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbagh and translated into English by Srinath Perur. A nonsense phrase title of a slim book but with a truly remarkable literary heft that would put tomes with ponderous titles to shame.

So to speak to Season 3 writers at Anita’s Attic, we had the gracious and gentle Vivek Shanbagh who talked of his journey from village to city, Konkani to Kannada, reader to writer, real time versus literary time and thereon.

It was a proud moment for us to be able to include Indian language writers into the Attic’s list of guest speakers. And who better than Vivek Shanbagh to start with!

Thank you Vivek.

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