A Pound of Flesh | Collaborative Fiction from Anita’s Attic Season 2 in The Bangalore Mirror


It’s a proud day for Anita’s Attic. A piece of collaborative fiction written by four of our writers from Season 2 has just been published.

Take a bow Sriranjani S, Poorva Dinesh, Chirantan Shah and Rahul Warrier.

And thank you Bangalore Mirror for showcasing Anita’s Attic writers.

An Excerpt:

I climb down the stairs muttering a prayer under my breath, hoping the Lord Krishna would have mercy on my soul. Is this a test to check my faith or has my Lord given up on me? If I do not find an answer, then I will be thrown out of the temple. Who knows, maybe I will be thrown out of the village, as well.
Everyone will blame me for the missing calf. It was my duty to check the shed, make sure all the cows had been accounted for. I very seldom do. Who would steal a cow or a calf from a holy place? No sane person would dare anger the goddess. It was only this morning that I realised it was the wrong thing to do. Maybe if I had noticed the missing calf first, then I wouldn’t be under so much pressure. It would have been someone else and I would have been free and at peace. Now, it feels like the whole world will be judging me. All morning two people searched the village. Nobody found anything.

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