Daddy Dearest | Collaborative Fiction from Anita’s Attic Season 2 in The Bangalore Mirror


This week’s proud mommy moment.

The second piece of collaborative fiction by Anita’s Attic Season 2 writers published this morning in the Bangalore Mirror.

Take a bow Shruti Ramachandra, Chaya Nair, Mani Kurian and Sandeep Narayanan.

And thank you again Bangalore Mirror.

An Excerpt

She went silently to the door and opened it. I awkwardly said a hasty goodbye to her and walked out utterly confused as to what just happened. As I walked down the road, I heard someone calling out to me. It was Indira Aunty, she’d run all the way. Thrusting an album filled with pictures of my mum into my hand, she hugged me tight without letting go for a while. Then holding me by my shoulders she looked at me and whispered gravely “Call me if you ever need anything and most of all please stay safe.“ It was graduation day, the day everyone in college was waiting for. The vicious cycle of exams, semesters and assignments had finally ended and the graduation ceremony gave the end of college a sense of finality. It had been a crazy ride filled with tons of beer, vodka and drugs partly because it was the cool thing to do in college and partly because I felt my Dad was a complete and total phony.

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