Physician, heal thyself| Collaborative Fiction from Anita’s Attic Season 2 in The Bangalore Mirror


I could get addicted to this rush of seeing my mentees work in print.

Proud mentor moment again as the third piece of collaborative fiction by Anita’s Attic Season 2 writers published this morning in the Bangalore Mirror.

Take a bow Vani Menon, Raksha Kumar, Peter Vas and Adithya Ravi.

And thank you again Bangalore Mirror.

An Excerpt

“Balu,” said somebody at the door. The doctor looked up into the tired eyes of Hargopal.
“Urgent,” Hargopal said and left as swiftly as he showed up.
Dr Balu suddenly became stiff. He got up and patted the boy. “You’ll be alright. Nothing to worry.” He briskly walked to the door and looked outside at the row of patients waiting for him at the reception area.
He made his way to the rear entrance of the building that housed his clinic in a converted garage. The familiar white tempo-traveller with its window curtains pulled across was parked close to the compound wall. Hargopal was nowhere in sight. The tempo-traveller’s door slid open as soon as he approached it. He was pulled in by Hargopal and the door slid shut quickly.
“All clear,” crackled a walkie-talkie. Dr Balu understood that Shanmugham Street was now under surveillance.

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